Who are you, Krishna?

Wandering in the valleys of love, pristine,

Floating in the sea of longing, I shine.

Embracing the light that makes me blind,

Singing the song of glory, divine.

I ask the heart of mine,

Who are you, Krishna?


Who are you, Krishna? I often ask this question to my heart and that leads me towards a new horizon of thoughts. I feel like floating in the sea of void and silence, with a thirst that is years old. A deep longing to know my lord of love. It seems like this wave of nothingness will lead me one day towards the reality of you, and I will meet the real Self of mine.

Who are you, Krishna? Are you the one whom I seek in every moment or the one who is seeking me, for years and years? I ask this question to my heart and that leads me towards the light of wisdom. I feel a deep longing to know you, I feel a strong desire to renounce the world and stepping towards you, for I feel that nothing is worth enough for me in this world without the divine touch of your pure love.

Who are you, Krishna? I ask this question to my heart and I hear your voice from the deepest of my soul. My heart whispers your name in my every heart-beat. I hear the rhythm of your dance and I smell the nectar of your love. I find my colors in your peacock’s feather, I see you in my every blink of eyes. I see you, even in my dreams, when I close my eyes. I feel you are the only one who resides in my soul, in my heart.

Who are you, Krishna? I ask this question to my heart and I sink deeper in my quest of love. I leave the world behind and step out of my home. I begin the journey towards an infinite bond of love. Love, or longing, Krishna? I find myself in a drop of eternity.

Dancing into the divine ecstasy,

Chanting the glory of your love,

Embracing the light within,

I meet myself in a new way, my lord of love.

And I find, we are one.

I reside in you, and you reside in me.

I am eternally yours, Krishna.


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